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The Real Location of the Jewish Temple

Show Summary: Tradition and preconceived notions are hard to overcome. And nowhere is this more true than Jerusalem and the location of the Jewish Temple — the one built by Solomon and later rebuilt and expanded by Herod. Scholars and centuries of tradition say the location of the Jewish Temple was the Temple Mount where […]

Just fun: Cute Puppies Cuddling their Stuffies

Just for fun… Pictures of cute puppies cuddling their stuffed animal friends during nap time. Too cute not to share. This is the most cute you will see today. Enjoy!

The Coming Trump Effect on the EPA

Show Summary: You can expect big changes in the coming Trump administration — especially from the Obama administration and compared to what a Hillary administration might have looked like. But what will the Trump effect be on the EPA? From our vantage point, it’ll all be good. (Certainly, it can’t be any worse than what […]

Trump Wins!

Trump wins! Wow. Here on I Spy we predicted a win, but you just never know until it happens. But what a relief. America has been spared four years (or, more likely, eight years) of ongoing Clinton scandal, of watching our country and government be put up for sale to the highest bidder, of Wall […]

How to Destroy your Opposition—Legally | Klamath Dams & Clinton Cash

Show Summary: Nothing is ever dead for the political Left (not even voters). They just keep at it and at it and at it like a plague of ants. One of our early success stories here on I Spy Radio Show was exposing what was happening in the Klamath Basin and environmentalists’ effort to pull […]

What Hillary doesn’t Want you to Hear about Immigrant Vetting

Show Summary: Despite doing everything possible to not call the recent terrorist attacks “terrorist attacks,” Hillary is suddenly saying she thinks we need immigrant vetting. Not that she’ll turn any away, mind you, just that we need better vetting. We talk to two experts who know about this: Jeff Schwilk, a border security expert, and […]

Hillary Falls, Fails – and Fading Fast?

Show Summary: In a near complete reversal of fortune from six months ago, it’s Hillary’s gaffes that are sinking her while Trump’s presidential tone and policies have him on the rise. Hillary falls, fails—is she fading fast? It’s all politics this week as we take a look at this reversal of fortunes, including a deeper […]

The Fingerprints of Cultural Jihad

Show Summary: Kamal Saleem, a former cultural jihadist, explains how events like the Orlando shooting and Dallas bear the fingerprints of jihad and the radical elements of Islam. (Cultural jihad is, just as it sounds, a jihad against American culture, Western ideology, liberty and freedom, and of course Christianity.) Foreign nations are funding fundamental Islamic […]

List of USA Attendees to Bilderberg 2016

The following is a list of USA attendees to Bilderberg 2016. Some will be no surprise at all (Sen. Lindsey Graham) but take note of the attendees from the mass media. They’re there as attendees and representatives to support and promote the effort of supreme globalism, to usurp America’s and all countries’ sovereignty. While Bilderberg […]

Politics – Plus Lessons Reagan might give Trump

Show Summary: Yes, it’s all politics this week — but wait! There’s more! We talk over some key issues near and dear to Donald Trump’s campaign with Brendan Kirby, political editor of Lifezette: Trump converting Ds to Rs, illegal immigration, and dismantling bloated, ineffective federal agencies—like the TSA. Then we talk with Michael Reagan, author, […]