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It’s Our Battle Too: Christian Persecution Around the World

It’s Our Battle Too: Christian Persecution Around the World

Show Summary: Christian persecution is largely unreported in the mainstream media, in part because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But Americans need to stand up for Christians. Why? Because it’s not just an attack on innocent people, it’s an attack on our foundations. We talk with David Curry. president and CEO of Open Doors USA, to shine the light on what Christians endure for their faith and how Americans can help.

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Air Dates: May 5 & 6, 2018 | David Curry of Open Doors USA

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This Week:  60 years ago a then-little-known man, Brother Andrew, stood up to help those Christians being persecuted in Russia when he smuggled bibles across Russia’s border.  His story of risking everything to bring hope to persecuted Christians behind the Iron Curtain was made famous in the book, God’s Smuggler, and became the starting point for Open Doors USA.

Christian Persecution

On this weekend’s show, we’re talking about Christian persecution.

In the larger context, it’s about standing up for yourself. For your beliefs. It’s about standing your ground, not giving ground. And it’s about doing so when standing your ground could cost you your life.

Here in America, we’re blessed to be mostly free of persecution. But there is definitely discrimination against Christians. And discrimination is the seed that, if allowed to grow, will become persecution.

America is under assault; especially our values and religious heritage. And that’s a tue shame. In a cruel and senseless world, God is the only thing that makes sense. Our American heritage is built on that faith. To attack the religious underpinnings of our heritages and to remove God is to leave the next generation without the foundations they need to stand on, to make sense of the senseless.  It is removing the landmarks on the journey.

Without the Judeo-Christian heritage, without Christianity, there would be no America.

Open Doors USA: Fghting Christian Persecution Around the World

David Curry, CEO and President of Open Doors USA, takes us through the types of attacks Christians are experiencing around the globe. We discuss why America is so connected to this global fight, why it’s our fight too, and how America’s very founding is so deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian beliefs.

But it’s not only about what Christians endure in other countries, where being a Christian can land you in jail and far worse.

Instead, this week’s show will give you a glimpse into the amazing faith, service, and example of how these persecuted Christians, in the worst of conditions, stand tall in even the most punishing of countries.  Jailed, starved, beaten, or worse there are men and women who live to fight another day to bring their message of God’s love to places where you would think the message could not be heard.

And don’t miss David talking about Open Doors’ efforts to work with the Trump administration, fighting back against discrimination right here in America, and the different ways you too can stand tall and help those who live in fear of standing on their own.

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Our guest’s website Open Doors USA

Christian Persecution in North Korea

Christian Persecution in Nigeria:

Christian Persecution in Egypt:

Ways you can help persecuted Christians through Open Doors USA:

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Muslims and Christians – Good News the Media isn’t Telling You

Muslims and Christians – Good News the Media isn’t Telling You

Show Summary: The mainstream media of late seems to be trying to outcompete one another when it comes to bad news. But there’s some good news the media isn’t telling you about the war between Muslims and Christians.

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Show 7-13
Air Dates: April 1 & 2, 2017 | Kamal Saleem

The mainstream media lately has been trying to outcompete the others on just how bad the news can be. And that includes Fox News which is no better than the others when it comes to crowing about bad news. Everywhere you look, it’s bad news. Nothing is working, the swamp is still as full as it always has been, Obamacare repeal failed, and on and on.

Even some of our favorite shows on Fox have taken this approach. They seem… giddy to report bad news, especially when they think they’ve uncovered something worse than what their competitors are putting out. Every show is filled with angry people arguing and shouting over the top of one another. How do you learn anything from tha t — other who shouts louder or argue more cleverly? So maybe you’ll get some Facebook or Twitter fodder about how some host “really schooled” some guest. Great! Now tell me what you learned about the topic being discussed.

Here on I Spy Radio, there’s no yelling. No arguing. We don’t give you shouting points. And from the feedback we get, that’s one of the things that makes us so popular.

But you know what? We’re coming up on Easter and Easter is the ultimate good news.

So this week, and the next two weeks, we’re focusing on some uplifting stories. We’re starting this week with Kamal Saleem and although we start off with some negative aspects — especially the terrorist attack in London and sanctuary cities, hang in there. I promise you: by the end of today’s show, you’ll be feeling great.

This week’s focus is on Muslims and Christianity and some very positive good news that’s happening, right under your nose, and which the media is largely ignoring. Although we did find this one story on Fox News, which made it onto their website’s news page—but somehow never got a mention on O’Reilly, Hannity, Tucker, or their other major shows.

And then there’s this one from the Blaze:

Muslims and Christians

In the war between Muslims and Christians it turns out Christians are winningThat’s right. There are some remarkable untold stories out there about the war between Muslims and Christians. And it turns out, Christians are winning.

But thanks to the mainstream media, you didn’t know that, did you?

Tune in to this week’s show to learn how and why Christians are winning. Not only are they winning, the Muslims converting to Christianity are even revitalizing Europe’s fading cathedrals.

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Mainstream media is lying by ignoring

Mainstream media is lying by ignoring

Show Summary: While the mainstream media is inventing news about alleged “Russian hacking” there are calls for war from Muslims—right in the middle of London. Former jihadist, Kamal Saleem, on the terrifying aspects of what these Islamists are really calling for and explains why. Plus, bestselling author Scott McEwen (of American Sniper fame) on what his intelligence agency contacts tell him about the alleged Russian hack, his friend Ryan Zinke’s appointment to Department of Interior, and what it means for the movement for the transfer of public lands to the states.

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Air Dates: Dec 17 & 18, 2016 | Kamal Saleem & Scott McEwen

With the mainstream media so focused on inventing news about the alleged “Russian hacking” of our election, there is a lot of real news that’s being ignored—like open calls for war and rebellion from Muslim immigrants right in the heart of London.

We’ll talk with Kamal Saleem, a former cultural jihadist who came to America to destroy it from within but after an accident changed his life, he converted to Christianity. He is now the president of Koome Ministries, which has as its mission to wake up the Church and alert Americans about the un-discussed dangers of Islam and how they really are at war with America, whether America wants to admit it or not.

Then we talk with New York Times bestselling author, Scott McEwen about the alleged Russian hack and what his military sources are telling him. Also, Scott’s latest book is American Commander, which follows the life and career of Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL who became a SEAL trainer. Zinke explains his never-surrender, always-win attitude as he trains the next generation of SEALs. Now that Zinke has been nominated as the Secretary of the Interior, what will this winning mentality mean to this failing federal department?

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Kamal Saleem’s Segments

Scott McEwen’s Segments


The Fingerprints of Cultural Jihad

The Fingerprints of Cultural Jihad

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Show Summary: Kamal Saleem, a former cultural jihadist, explains how events like the Orlando shooting and Dallas bear the fingerprints of jihad and the radical elements of Islam. (Cultural jihad is, just as it sounds, a jihad against American culture, Western ideology, liberty and freedom, and of course Christianity.) Foreign nations are funding fundamental Islamic schools; Obama’s signals to jihadists, and much more. Note: This is Part I of a two-part show.

Air Dates: July 9 & 10, 2016 | Kamal Saleem

We welcome back Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim and cultural jihadist for a two-part show on the continuing spread of Islamic terrorism.  Recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood he was sent to training camps starting at the young age of 7, to learn to kill “infidels” and cultural infiltration techniques.  Commissioned by a member of the Saudi royal family in the 1980’s he came to America to destroy our western civilization, but instead due to a chance car accident, where he was helped through recovery by the very people he’d been sent to destroy, he converted to Christianity. Kamal is now president of Koome Ministries, the mission of which is to “see Ishmael redeemed.”

On this week’s show, you’ll learn how cultural jihadists and their techniques are inciting anger and divisiveness, terrorizing Americans, and subverting our culture and unique heritage, through the acts of violence and far more subtle techniques.

Cultural jihad in America, the Orlando shootingKamal picks apart the Orlando shooter and how his murder-spree was a prime example of how the Islamic holy month of Ramadan played an important role in his decision to unleash horror in Orlando, in a fulfillment of Islamic beliefs.  We also discuss the horrendous Dallas killings of so many police officers. How does this tie into the jihadists’ desires to incite anger and divisiveness?  Is this the type of fear and dissent being spread by cultural jihad? Is Obama actually fanning the flames of cultural jihadists’ goals?

And don’t miss how one foreign country is setting up schools for Islamists right here in America – and how much U.S. taxpayers are paying for them!

Next week Part II: How moderate Muslims are converted to become radical Islamic terrorists.

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True Location of Solomon’s Temple

True Location of Solomon’s Temple

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Summary: For generations, Jews and Christians alike have believed that the true location of Solomon’s Temple was located on top of what is currently called, the Temple Mount, where the Muslim Dome of the Rock currently is. Some even believe the Holy of Holies was located on the very rock under the Dome. Since retaking Jerusalem, the Jews have prayed at the Western Wall, which they believe is the outer court and foundations of the Jewish Temple. But what if the experts have it all wrong? We talk to Dr. Bob Cornuke, who’s been called “a modern-day Indiana Jones” as he reveals the clues that reveal the true location of Solomon’s Temple.

When, Where and How to Listen — All stations stream live!

Air Dates: Mar. 19 (11a PT) & 20 (7p PT), 2016 | Dr. Bob Cornuke

Are the experts wrong? What if the true location of Solomon's Temple is south of the Temple Mount in the City of David.
The current Temple Mount, facing north. Note the empty area south of it.

If you close your eyes and envision Jerusalem, like most people you probably see the big iconic golden dome known as the “Dome of the Rock.”  It is on top of the highest hill in Jerusalem and surrounded by walls. In that same complex, just south of the golden dome is the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the hill and entire complex is collectively referred to as “the Temple Mount.”

The Temple Mount area is also what nearly everyone believes is the previous site of Solomon’s Temple—and where Herod rebuilt the magnificent temple that was the center of Jewish life at the time of Jesus. Christians believe t was in this temple on this spot where he taught and prayed. Where he overthrew the merchants’ tables, where he stood at trial before Caiaphas the High Priest. And it was the veil of this temple that was torn top to bottom after he died on the cross within site of the Temple.

But Herod’s Temple was completely destroyed during the Jewish Wars, which began in 66 A.D. All that remains of the original Temple—according to Biblical archaeology experts and generations of belief—is the area known as Western Wall or Wailing Wall.

Rebuilding the Temple

The Jewish people would love to rebuild their holy temple there but the Jews aren’t even allowed on the Temple Mount. Instead, they’re confined to pray outside the temple complex at the Western Wall. To rebuild the Temple, it must be rebuilt on the original, true location of Solomon’s Temple. But to do that, they would have to destroy the Dome of the Rock (or the al-Aqsa Mosque, depending on which expert you talk to). Needless to say, this would probably set off World War III since it is considered the third holiest site in Islam.

Rebuilding the Temple on the true location of Solomon’s Temple has importance to Christians as well. Because many believe that before Jesus returns, the temple must be rebuilt.

But what if all the experts are wrong? What if the original, true location of Solomon’s Temple is not on the “Temple Mount” at all?

Finding the True Location of Solomon’s Temple

All too often, whether in politics or academia, the “elite” or “establishment” have one way of thinking and it may take an outsider to shake things up.  But what if — when it comes to the Temple Mount and the true original site of Solomon’s Temple — what if the “establishment experts” have it all wrong?  What if the Jewish people could rebuild their temple right now?  And all that needs to happen is to awaken people to the truth in order to overcome generations of perception and establishment thinking.

On this week’s show we talk with Dr. Bob Cornuke about the evidence that disproves the experts. Using his experience as a former police investigator, he walks us through the clues and evidence from Biblical, historical, and eyewitness accounts that would indicate the original site of Solomon’s Temple was south of the Temple Mount, in the City of David.

An illustration showing the true location of Solomon's Temple along with Fortress Antonia
Click to enlarge

Dr. Bob Cornuke is a biblical investigator, an international explorer with over 50 expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible. These include the search for Noah’s Ark (with Apollo XV astronaut, James Irwin), the real Mount Sinai, St. Paul’s shipwreck, and even the Ark of the Covenant. In addition to his exploits, Bob holds a PhD in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University and is the President of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute located in Colorado Springs, CO. He is also the author of nine books, his latest is Temple: Amazing New Discoveries that Change Everything about the Location of Solomon’s Temple.

Links Mentioned (plus lots more)

Articles on the True Location

Videos on the True Location of Solomon’s Temple


Cultural Jihad – Radical Islam’s attack on Christianity and America

Cultural Jihad – Radical Islam’s attack on Christianity and America

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Summary: Cultural jihad is the Muslim tactic of infiltration and subterfuge; of pretending to be friends while destroying from within. It is a serious and very real threat to America and our American culture. If you’ve ever wondered why hatred is on the rise in America—especially disdain for Christianity and our Judeo-Christian heritage, this is why. On this episode of I Spy Radio, we talk with a former cultural jihadist who explains tactics and methods, destroys the notion of “Islam is a religion of peace”, as well as the difference in his life since converting to Christianity.

Original Air Dates: December 19 & 20, 2015 | Kamal Saleem

On this week’s show we welcome back former jihadist, Kamal Saleem. Kamal had been trained from an early age to wage “cultural jihad,” and after successful operations in Europe, he received a commission from a Saudi Prince to go to America as an operative in the 1980s with the mission of helping to destroy America from within.

Winston Churchhill understood cultural jihad - "The religion of Islam above all others was founded upon the sword…"
“The religion of Islam above all others was founded upon the sword… “

But Kamal left his former religion of radical Islam and found faith and new peace when he turned his life over to Christ. He is now the president of Koome Ministries and has made it his new mission to awaken Americans to the very real danger posed by Islam.

Now as a Christian who understands the radical Islam’s inner workings, mindset, and the trainings of Muslim terrorists, his new mission is to reach out to Muslims to teach them the love of Christ, as well as to warn Christians and Jews about the Islamic enemy that has come to our shore to wage war against us.

cultrual jihad, a real and sinister threat to America. Watch this incredible video of one former cultural jihadist
A former cultural jihadist – watch the incredible video of Kamal’s journey

In this show you’ll learn:

  • Insights of the San Bernardino shootings
  • Tactics used by Muslim jihadists — whether cultural or military Jihad
  • The other forms of Jihad currently being waged here in the US
  • How radical Islam terrorist cells operate
  • Why there is such a huge divide right now in our country and how it is being orchestrated
  • The Islamic principle of taqiyya (and other means of deception)
  • The differences between Islam and Christianity and what the Christmas Season means to him now

We also ask Kamal for his thoughts on whether Obama is a Christian or a Muslim —and the tell-tale signs of how to know for sure.

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Show 5-04 | What the Media isn’t Telling You about Islam

Show 5-04 | What the Media isn’t Telling You about Islam

To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below
To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below

Air Dates: Jan 24 & 25, 2015

This week on I Spy Radio Show, we do what—apparently—no mainstream media news reporter did in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish deli murders: read the Koran. And ask the hard questions about this “religion of peace” of Hoover Institution research fellow, Dr. Bruce Thornton.

Now that the initial raw emotions have dissipated from the Charlie Hebdo and Paris murders, it’s time to explore how and why these Muslim terrorist attacks happened. This week on I Spy, we go in depth with Hoover Institution research fellow Dr. Bruce Thornton to explore the Islamic faith and to find the truths about the “religion of peace” that the liberal media is too often willing (or complicit) to ignore. We compare and contrast Christian and Muslim ideology and ask the fundamental questions about what drives these terrorists and whether the Charlie Hebdo attacks were truly an anomaly committed by radicals.

And don’t miss what the mainstream media is not telling you about the newest worldwide assault on Christianity and persecution of Christians.

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