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The One Simple Question Republicans Need to Ask about Tax Reform

The One Simple Question Republicans Need to Ask about Tax Reform

Show Summary: This week’s show is all about tax reform. Yeah, we know. You think that’s boring. But the fight over tax reform is really about the fight for the soul of America. We talk with Jonathan Williams of ALEC to get to the truth a dose of reality about the good, bad, and ugly about the Republican tax reform plan. And it really comes down to one simple question we all should ask.

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Air Dates: Nov. 11 & 12, 2017 | Jonathan Williams

As Trump supporters we’ve been anticipating the swamp will try anything to stop President Trump’s attempts to reform Washington and drain the swamp.  And what we’ve witnessed are spineless Republicans who, instead of charging up the hill behind President Trump they are cowering in the trenches or worse, working to undermine his plans.

It’s a simple question: do you want to create wealth for people or for government? But what we’re seeing right now are Republicans who are tentative about creating a simple and straightforward — and bold! — tax reform system that would grow wealth for people. Could it be because they are more attached to their power and are afraid to shrink government?

Tax reform analogy

Spelled out perfectly by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee, using reporters & beer

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So, as we sit with our toes tapping we at I Spy decided to take a look at what the House has proposed in the way of tax reform.  We talk about it all: the good and the bad and maybe some ugly, so you, the citizen, can decide on the plan’s merits.  And now that the Senate’s version has been released, you’ll know what to look for in their plan. Because in the back of your mind, you should always be asking, “Whose side are they on? The taxpayer or the government—and their own career in Congress?”

Don’t miss the show! You’ll get more in-depth analysis in one hour than most shows will give you in three..

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Do Issues Matter Anymore? Trump v Hillary on the Economy

Do Issues Matter Anymore? Trump v Hillary on the Economy

Show Summary: In the era of corrupt media, do real issues matter any more? Or actions for that matter. All you need is what someone says rather than actual actions. Or things like economic and tax plans. Want proof? Quick! When was the last time you heard someone in the mainstream media actually mention Hillary’s tax plan?

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We thought so. Join us this week for our continuing series of shows as we examine Hillary’s actions as we compare Hillary’s tax and economic plans to Trump’s. And the huge ticking time bomb of states’ unfunded liabilities.

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Original Air Dates: Oct 15 & 16, 2016 | Jonathan Williams

You would think that if Obamacare is such a great program, the economy should be humming along—no tinkering needed.  But just like Obamacare was going to make health care more affordable (who’s got the swamp land for sale on this one?) Wikileaks has exposed Hillary’s beliefs that by expanding programs like Food Stamps it will help “fix the economy” because it will give families more money to spend. Yes, she actually said this—to a bunch of bankers behind closed doors. Hillary’s tax plan and economic plan reveals an overwhelming foundational philosophy to tax, tax, tax. If Obamacare is an example of an economic policy and expansion of government programs that has increased taxation (as the Supreme Court termed it), Hillary’s economic policies will be even bigger and more expensive.

If you think your health care is already getting to be extremely expensive, just wait until you open your tax bill a year after Hillary is in office. And you won’t even escape it by dying because she wants to slap a 65% death (penalty) tax, which will destroy family-owned businesses and farms.

But you may not have heard about any of this—the Wikileaks or dire consequences of Hillary’s tax plans. In fact, Fox News reported that on Thursday evening news coverage for ABC, CBS, and NBC , 8 minutes per station was spent on Trump scandals with only 20 seconds spent on covering WikiLeaks (with one station not carrying it all), a scandal which has an actual document trail; tens of thousands of documents.  They’re not reporting the truth; they are reporting their agenda.

This week we turn away from the scandals and focus on policy—actions over words.   I Spy will talk with Jonathan Williams from ALEC who has just completed a report on the unfunded pension liabilities faced by every state.  We discuss the ticking time bomb, especially in Oregon, over the massive pay back states have with no money to pay it back. Consider this: in just two years the total amount of states unfunded liabilities has grown more than 900 Billion Dollars.  Almost a trillion dollars on top of what was owed in just two short years. And then consider what the MSM’s focus has been on, Trump’s alleged scandals.

This week, we compare Hillary’s and Trump’s tax and economic plans and even how their plans can impact the looming pile of debt at the state levels.  Be sure to tune in to hear some solutions and find out how one candidate’s plan just may give us a chance to dig our way out of this monstrous hole.

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